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The “Speed Link” Machine

The iso-kinetic fan resistance machine, originally called the Jumper, was built in the late 1970’s by Mike Mattacks.  The machine was made popular in the early 2000’s by Marv Marinovich, who trained Troy Polomalu using the iso-kinetic jumper in replacement of weight training.


Corexcell remanufactured the Jumper machine in 2013 and renamed it the “Speed Link.”  This machine is similar to the feel of a concept 2 rower with five to ten times the resistance power.  The advantage of this machine is that it provides a constant resistance through the entire range of motion with no deceleration.  The machine forces the athlete to push as hard as possible to complete each rep, developing true speed and explosive power.

In our opinion, this machine can be used effectively in two ways.  First, if you believe in weight training and converting strength into speed, you can have heavy lifting one day during the week and use the speed link on a separate day to develop explosive power.  It is a great change up to replace cleans, speed band squats, or other explosive lifting exercises.

Second, if you are against weight training and believe in the Marinovich system, you can use the machine as a replacement for weight training.  Although we believe it is best to build a strength base using traditional weight training in conjunction with the machine, either way has its own benefits and it’s up to your determination.

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