Our Philosophy

Foundational Training is Essential:

Our goal is to make each athlete as fast, strong, and explosive as possible while building the proper foundation to prevent injuries, increase range of motion, and enhance athleticism.  In order for an athlete to reach their potential and avoid injuries, they must spend a substantial amount of time correcting muscle imbalance and flexibility deficiencies.

The 12 Structural Stabilizers:

In our system we use 12 key stabilizer strengthening exercises involving the following muscle groups: (core, hips, ankles, and rotator cuff). We have also developed strength tests for each exercise to find and correct structural weaknesses.

Improving the strength of the stabilizer muscle groups will provide greater support and strength to the major muscle groups (quads, hamstrings, glute max, chest, Lats). Therefore, stabilizer muscles will play a substantial role in improving strength levels in your bench, squat, and dead lift. Along with improving an athlete’s speed and explosive power.

In addition, All of our athletes are required to reach certain stabilizer strength test standards before moving onto higher levels of training. Eliminating weaknesses and properly balancing the stabilizer muscle groups will minimize the likely hood of over compensations, which ultimately leads to injuries.

The 9 Essential Stretches:

Flexibility is a major component to our training and being at optimal flexibility levels will help unlock athleticism. In order to make our stretching program more efficient, we have developed the 9 essential lower stretch test protocols to pinpoint flexibility deficiencies and isolate specific target stretches for improving range of motion.  Rather then waste time stretching areas that don’t apply to certain athletes, our stretching system takes the guess work out of the equation and makes it simple and easy to select appropriate stretches for each athlete.

Self Sports Massage System

In order to improve the range of motion of the 9 essential stretches at a faster rate, we have developed a self sports massage system that targets specific muscle groups related to each stretch.  Athletes who stretch consistently can still be limited in their range of motion due to trigger points (tight bound up muscle fibers) caused by years of lactic acid build up.  Our massage system will isolate specific groups of muscles causing the range of motion limitation and correct the deficiency.  We typically use a softball (from the sport) as our main tool for athletes to roll and release their muscles.

The Big Three (Athletic Horse Power)

Besides developing the proper athletic foundation, the other major focus of our system is simultaneously developing the Big Three (Lifting, Jumping, Sprinting).  Each training action is vitally important to speed and power, and each action builds on the improvement of the other. Lifting improves strength to run faster and jump higher. Sprinting improves speed, but also enhances strength levels, particularly in hamstrings and glutes to drive up squat and dead lift maxes. Jumping will help develop explosive power to increase the ability to lift heavier weights fast, and will also improve the first 10 yards and top speeds.

In our opinion, it is important to train all these actions at the same time in order to fully develop athleticism.  Depending on the sport or the training level of the athlete, we can decide to focus more on one action than another.  For instance, a volleyball player may need to do more jumps/ lifting and fewer sprints.  A track sprinter may need to do more sprinting/jumping and less focus on lifting.  And a football lineman may need less sprinting/ jumping and more focus on strength.  However, even in these training circumstances we never completely eliminate any of the actions from a phase in our quest to build the best athlete.