Our Philosophy

Building the Proper Structural Foundation

At Corexcell, our philosophy is to build up the core and supportive joint muscles in the hips/shoulders/feet so that the athlete will be less prone to injury and reach a higher level of speed, strength, and coordination.


Lifting, sprinting and jumping are a major part of our training to improve athletic power.  However, if there is a weakness in the smaller supportive muscles, the athlete will be limited in their full power output.  Weak muscles will not be used during athletic movements and the body will recruit and utilize stronger muscles in the chain. Very simply put: less muscles working in the chain = less power.


For example, if the quads and hamstrings are strong, but the athlete has a weakness in the hip stabilizers (hip: flexor, abductors, adductors) the body will rely on and place more force on the stronger quad and hamstring muscles when sprinting or lifting.  If the hip stabilizers are strong, they will work with the quad and hamstring to increase power output.


Also, with the lack of support from weak stabilizer muscles, more force will be placed on the joints and stronger muscle groups, causing long term wear and tear in the chain and making the athlete more susceptible to injury.


The biggest challenge for trainers is to locate and correct muscle imbalances.  This takes experience and a comprehensive understanding of anatomy.  Over a 15 year period, Corexcell has come up with a testing methodology to pinpoint muscle weaknesses and take the necessary steps to put athletes in structural balance.