image1 (1)I love training at CoreXcell for multiple reasons. The trainers there make each program as specific as possible in order to maximize an athlete’s full potential. The different workouts I went through really focused on things that could translate right on to the softball field, like running the bases and coming out of the box. I have definitely become stronger and more explosive, and I have the stamina to last through a triple-header if I needed to. CoreXcell also allows you to train with great athletes all around the Lehigh Valley and develop friendships and connections with people who you would otherwise never meet. These aspects of CoreXcell really make it a unique sports training facility, and I would recommend it to any athlete striving to become better, faster, and stronger.

Hannah Edwards, Pitt Softball



CO7Core got me in great shape.   I saw improvement in my hitting as I had more power at the plate and home runs.  My agility in the field was better so I make every play possible.  I throw the ball to 1st harder than ever now.  And my speed is good enough to steal every time I’m on base. Thanks!

 Corinne Ozanne, 3B, Division I Softball





Thanks Zach and Brandon.  The workouts were pretty tough but they paid off. With your training I stole lots of bases and hit the ball better than ever.  When I got to college I was good enough to start as a freshman and be one of the best on the team.


 Jackie Wear, College Softball, Outfield





Thanks Core.  I was hurt my sophomore year.  But They helped me get my strength back in my ankle and get in great shape.  In the spring of my junior year I was ready to go with a strong core, strong arm and more explosive legs.  Then I had a great season and went 17-1. Thanks Core!


 Stephanie Rusu, Pitcher, Saucon Valley HS





Thanks Corexcell! The workouts really kicked my butt. But when I got to season it was all worth it.  I was throwing so much harder and I was hitting with power at the plate.  Having 200 Strikeouts for 2 years in a row would not have been possible with out the hard work i put in at Core.


 Chelsea Bock, College Pitcher