Trainer Certifications

Become an elite training force in your area

The most challenging thing for new trainers in the industry is getting the correct information in order to provide their athletes with the best training possible.  The internet is filled with excess amounts of sports training material making it hard to determine what information is actually valid, practical and effective.  In addition, many sought-after trainers make it extremely difficult to understand and implement their training concepts, leaving trainers with more guess work to maximize athletic potential.
At Corexcell, we have experimented with almost every style of sports training program imaginable and have personally trained alongside many of the top individuals in the industry.
Based on our practical applications over the past 15 years, we have been able to determine what training concepts work best and have streamlined our methods to make them simple, easy to learn, and highly effective.

After training with us, you will gain confidence in your own abilities to make athletes the best they can be and you will also have a clear understanding of our training concepts to formulate your own style system and beliefs.  If you are serious about getting to the next level as a trainer this is a great system to build a base of understanding.


  • 15 hours of total training
  • Saturday & Sundays 9am-12:30pm, 2-6pm.
  • 2017 Available Dates: 3/25-26, 4/29-30, 5/27-28, 8/19-20, 9/29-30

For more info on our training Curriculum and pricing please call us 610-730-1110


The most effective way to learn our methods is to see our training program design over an extended period of time.  Therefore, We will be going through our general 4 month training protocol for beginner to advanced athletes.  We will break down the lifting percentages along with our jump and sprint routines.  In addition, you will learn our foundational training system to eliminate injuries and improve strength and speed levels.  This includes; Our Structural Stabilization warm up, our 9 essential lower body stretches and testing system, and our self massage protocol to maximize flexibility in each of 9 stretches.

Officially Corexcell Certified

The weekend workshops are a great base builder for learning the general methods and concepts of our system.  However, we believe it takes more then a weekend to justify certifying someone in our system.  If you are interested in learning more after taking one of our workshop, you can elect to become certified in using our entire training system in your gym.

The certification process is 30 hours total, on top of the 15 hour  workshop. We split up the training into two training blocks. Each block is 15 hours long over 2 days. After completing the first training block, we ask the trainee to go and practice the concepts for 12-16 weeks before coming back to complete the final training certification block.  This we have found to be the most effective way to digest and learn the material.

Also part of the training process will be observing our trainers work with athletes at the Corexcell main facility.  This will be an extremely beneficial tool in learning the practical applications of our training methods.

Taking the necessary step of becoming Corexcell certified will give you a huge advantage over your competitors from a program organizational stand point and with your ability to get superior athletic results

For more info on our training Curriculum and pricing please call us 610-730-1110