Sports Training


Corexcell is an elite sports performance center. Our training methods and facilities are the organized end result of years of experience in the sports performance industry. Our trainers are focused towards your individual needs with one goal in mind: to help you reach the pinnacle of your athletic abilities and stand out and be recognized in your sport.


Athletes will be tested to determine eating habits, muscular imbalances, weaknesses, and over-all athleticism before entering into our training program.  After testing, we will develop specific programs to help prevent injuries, improve diet, correct physical deficiencies, and maximize performance. We will retest every two months to monitor athletic improvements.

  • Speed/Agility Tests: Vertical Jump, Pro Agility, Broad jump, 40 or 60yard dash
  • Strength Tests: Core, Squat/Bench, Hamstring, Hips, Rotator Cuff
  • Stretch Tests: 15 upper and lower body stretches

Training Includes

Plyometrics:(jump training)

If you want a higher vertical jump and to be more explosive on the field, plyometrics are a vital tool for full athletic development.  Being able to utilize proper technique while training will not only improve your testing results, but will transfer to your performance in your sport.

Balance/ Ball Core Strengthening:

There are infinite levels to achieve with our balance and core strengthening program. Balance is another part of training that is vastly under appreciated. Understanding body control is a key component in every sport, and when mastered can take an athlete to the next level .Every athlete will be challenged daily with our stability exercises. As your balance improves, so does your athletic ability.


The most underrated component to developing athleticism and speed is flexibility. The best athletes in the world are usually the most flexible. Athletes are tested monthly to determine if they are stretching consistently in and outside of our program.

Speed Resistance Machines

Our advanced equipment technology allows athletes to train as fast or faster then the speed of sport. By repetitively training at high explosive speeds and volume, an athlete’s nervous system builds a faster, more powerful muscle contraction speed. As a result, an athlete’s running, jumping, swimming, throwing, and hitting can be rapidly transformed to elite levels.

Weight Training

Improper weight training can make athletes slow, tight, and less athletic. This is mainly due to the fact that too many programs are focused on lifting heavy weights and pay too little attention to lifting for speed. The key to our weight training program is counterbalancing slow, heavier lifts with fast high speed movements on our speed resistance machines. Thus, you simultaneously gain strength while improving speed. Our unique lifting regimen will make athletes stronger, faster, jump higher, and gain mass if need be.

Sport Specific Training

We use different resistive equipment to simulate almost every sport’s movement. Whether you kick, throw, swing, hit, or swim our program will make you more efficient in your movement pattern.

Aquatic Speed Strengthening
(summer only performed in a pool):

We perform different explosive exercises in a pool using specialize aquatic equipment that attaches to your ankles, feet, and waist. The water offers a resistance you can not simulate with any land based equipment or training. After a month of using our pool work out you will notice a huge impact on your performance.