Unified Method

As a young athlete and fitness researcher, Zach Fuller, the founder of CoreXcell, trained and studied with some of the best trainers in the country, including Marv Marinovich, Louie Simmons, Buddy Morris, and Charlie Francis. These four genius trainers have each been extremely influential on the entire sports training industry and most of their concepts can be seen in training centers worldwide. Over the course of 15 years, after experimenting with each trainer’s unique system on himself and hundreds of other athletes, Zach was able to determine the best components of each genius and blend them into one training method he calls the Unified Method.

Marv Marinovich

is most famous for training NFL great Troy Polomalu and also trained his son for his entire career, USC hall of fame member Todd Marinovich. Marv was also a former player for the NFL Raiders.

Louie Simmons

has been an extremely influential figure in the weight training industry and is best known for producing world champion power lifters.  He is the reason why trainers use bands and chains when lifting and has also developed many machines, including The Reverse Hyper.

Buddy Morris

is the former University of Pittsburgh football strength coach and is now strength coach to the NFL Arizona Cardinals.

Charlie Francis

is a world class sprint coach and has produced dozens of champions including Ben Johnson. He has written numerous training manuals and books, including The Structure of Speed Training.

Genius Training Implementation

What is fascinating about all four geniuses is the contrast between them and how they all balance each other through their various training systems.  If we look at all four trainers from a linear spectrum, Marinovich would be on the far left extreme, advocating absolutely no weight training. His primary training focus is on speed, flexibility, coordination, finesse, and athleticism. He achieves this by using dynamic Swiss ball exercises, balance routines, and novel footwork drills.  To develop explosive strength and power he uses an iso-kinetic fan resistance machine, seen on our site.

​            Simmons is to the far right extreme, advocating lifting as heavy as possible to increase maximum strength levels with a method called Max Effort. He prescribes one day of heavy lifting on which an athlete maxes out doing a 1-3 rep max and a second day of speed training on which an athlete lifts lighter weights in under a second. Marinovich and Simmons’ training styles are complete polar opposites and would be like comparing jazz music to heavy metal.

​            Morris and Francis are in the middle of the two extremes, and in our opinion, have the best long term training plan for athletes because of the balanced use of speed, strength, and flexibility exercises. The primary focus of both of their systems is sprinting, and speed comes first over weight

Putting it all Together

All of the geniuses have unique, effective training methods, and using them at the correct time and place can help to break through training barriers and reach higher levels of performance. The key to our Unified Method is staying in the middle ground, using concepts from all four training systems to build the correct athletic speed and strength foundation.  As the athlete progresses to higher training levels, we use concepts from the far left and far right training extremes to produce exceptional results.